Leading Lines

Leading Lines

Leading Lines

Lines are everywhere. You see them on power lines, streets from above, train tracks, fences, and so on so forth. Finding lines and using them to your advantage is actually quite easy and can make very visually appealing photos. Lines can lead to the subject or show how cluttered a space is.

Leading lines are basically lines that lead to something. Quite simple, eh? Where these lines lead and/or intersect is where the viewer will focus the most attention to. So make sure that what the lines are leading to is what you want your photo to be most about.

The example I use is of a high school senior photo shoot. As we drove around the neighborhood, I encountered and intersection of two leading lines from this white fence. I placed her head at the intersection with a main leading line coming from the left and then trailing off into the distance. She intersects at the most important area, thus leading her to be the main focus of the photo. No matter how many times you look, your eyes will almost always lead back to her head.

Additionally, I had her place her left hand in such a position that it would eventually lead upwards with the post pointing up that also intersects. So, if you follow her art from her shoulder, it creates a “C” curve going back up to the main subject — her head.

This is one of those rather “simple” rules of photography that can help you to make your images all the more powerful. Give it a try!

And, I hope each of your roads are leading you to a wonderful holiday season.

To see this and more of my portraiture photos, please visit Memories by Duskin.

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