Patience with Nature

Green Heron

Green Heron

One of the worst traits I exhibit is patience. I’m not a patient person at all. But, nature photography has a way of changing that habit — especially when it comes to photographing wildlife.

In so many ways, photography is my therapy — especially nature photography. Not only does it teach me patience, it helps me to appreciate the little things I normally don’t pay attention to; it helps my blood pressure through the calming influence and laid back atmosphere; and it puts me in a good space away from the rigamarole of everyday big city living.

To capture this Green Heron in the camera, I saw it on the other side of a pond. I stood still and it resumed its hunt for food. As I stood still, I saw it was methodically moving towards my way. So, as quietly as I could, I ever-so-slowly walked (and I mean slowly) over to a felled tree near the pond and sat. I placed my tripod and camera into a position and sat still while it took approximately 10 minutes for the bird to make its way towards me.

I only had a 150mm lens on me at the time as I left the 300mm back home. Thus, I knew it needed to be closer. Finally, the bird made its way into a position where I could catch it hunting and have good reflection on it. The results were that the feathers and eyes (most important is the eyes) were in perfect focus and razor sharp.

Had I just snapped away when I first saw the beautiful specimen, the image would be smaller and probably not quite as intense. That moment was a special one because my patience and slow approach entrusted the bird’s confidence that I was not a predator.

I hope that photography can serve as a therapeutic activity for you too!

To see this and more of my photos, please visit Images by Duskin.

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