Adverse Weather?

Livingston Dusk

Livingston Dusk

As I sit in front of my laptop computer contemplating what I want to discuss for my first photography blog, I’m bombarded by weather reports of Tropical Storm Edouard headed directly my way. Obviously, my thoughts immediately shift to photography involving adverse or inclement weather.

Here in Houston, Texas, it’s not uncommon to experience tropical storms and sometimes even hurricanes during the warm seasons, which seemingly is most of the year! So, as one might imagine, weather plays an important role for many if not most nature and landscape photographers.

Since I’ve just finished batoning down the hatches, I’ve not had the chance to drive the 50 miles to Galveston Island to see this storm approach. However, my memory conjurs up the image I chose to display captured at Lake Livingston in eastern Texas.

As you will notice, my image entitled “Livingston Dusk” almost seems surreal. Since it was a very hazy and cloudy day in the summer at sunset, I wanted to capture an image that felt as special as what I was experiencing.

Naturally, people love sunsets. Think of the beautiful colors that are warm and romantic. But to capture the essence of what I felt, which was a calming influence filled with warmth and relaxation, I chose to pan my camera from left to right on a tripod with a 3 second exposure. I used a circular polarizer to allow for the increased exposure time for a properly exposed image. I was very satified with this nature abstract I captured.

Many people didn’t see the potential for a beautiful sunset because they never saw the sun on this particular day. Many believe that if you don’t see the sun, you don’t get the beauty. I differ in opinion.

What is it about adverse weather that captivates us?

Why is it that when we see horrible black Cumulonimbus clouds, we’re fascinated?

We know they can bring harsh weather that could include hail, wind shear, flooding, and even tornados. Yet, most of us are attracted to it like fireflies to a light.

I don’t do it as often as I like, but I should start photographing such phenomenon more often than I do. I love weather. I find cloudless skies pleasant, but rather boring. Sunsets and sunrises are never quite as striking without the aid of clouds. It’s like heaven without angels ― that is, it’s not quite as beautiful without them.

So, when you encounter adverse weather, instead of avoiding it, embrace it with your camera and capture that moment in light!

To see this and more of my photos, please visit Images by Duskin.

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